In Gary's first email to me he wrote that he hates most architecture websites. We set out to create something that visitors would find mysterious and intriguing. The site is full of little nuances that Gary invented and I implemented. This project was created with Wordpress.


Jetton Construction was ready for a fresh look for their website. They've been careful to document all of their projects with superb photography, so we wanted to showcase the big, beautiful images with a refined design to match their exquisite attention-to-detail.



All Phase Concrete needed a responsive website that they could update in-house. I set them up with a Squarespace site that showcase and provide information about their excellent work.



Anna needed a website to promote her small business. She prides herself in her carefulness and values elegance highly. We worked to reflect those values in her website by making it as refined as possible.



Sandra had a previous website, but had lost the ability to make changes when the original creator of the site passed away. We rebuilt her site using Squarespace and added new work. Now she has control over her content thanks to Squarespace's user-friendly content manager.



Despite having much written about her on the internet, photographer Judy Dater didn't have a website of her own. We worked together to gather the best images from her extensive and impressive collection, then prepared them for online presentation and made her site.



Marna also had a previous site, but needed an upgrade. She had all of her images ready for web, and her site only took 6 hours of my work to create.


Melanie had begun a site with Squarespace, but had encountered some confusing issues and didn't know where to turn. We found each other by chance and in just a few hours we were able to tweak her website to her liking.



This site functions both as promotion for the vacation rental, and as a guidebook for local destinations. The client had a lot of great photos, so we chose a template that would feature them prominently while leaving ample room for text.



I turned a webpage into an online story telling platform with this project for Hearts Broken Open. I laid out and assembled this 70-page story into an online, multimedia format. I would love to work on more projects like this.




"Maya was absolutely fantastic. I felt so lucky to have found her.  I wanted to have a new website for my paintings, using a template from Squarespace. I found it very confusing to get started on my own. Maya stepped in and led me through the process, helped me set up the template so it looked good and functioned well. She meticulously went through each step, and then I was able to make changes myself and carry on on my own. She is eager to solve problems, if she didn't have an answer, she would quickly find out how to figure it out.  Maya is very prompt and responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her."

Suzy Barnard, painter

"After many years of thinking I should have a website, Maya Sommer appeared, and like a guardian angel, she helped me step into the 21st century.  The website she created for me is clean, elegant and beautiful. I get compliments about it on a continual basis.  Maya is great to work with and seems to be able to do just about anything computer related.  If you are looking for someone to help you put your best web presence forward I couldn't recommend her more highly."

- Judy Dater, photographer

"I am delighted to have discovered Maya, both for her exquisite photography, which I find poetical and deeply moving and also for her web design skills. I put up a square space site with a designer friend of mine who was new to Squarespace and it needed a bit of a tweak to get it to the right place.  Maya and I set up a meeting via Skype as I live in the UK.  It was perfect, I had my screen up and we worked together on the web site as Maya guided me through various icons and graphics that were possible choices to use.  We fine tuned the whole website, added social media icons and she helped me choose a soft grey colour for the typography and a thinner font for my name.  It all looks beautiful now and I can navigate the site easily myself, with confidence, which is a great relief.  Thank you Maya for your exceptional talent and your ease of sharing and working together.  It is great to know you are there."

-Melanie Eclare, photographer

"I hired Maya to make a website for my esthetician business. I went into the project knowing very little about computers and the internet- meaning I can send emails and use Google- Maya was extremely patient with my pickiness, going above and beyond to figure out how to get the website exactly how I wanted it, and she was great at explaining crazy computer stuff in a way I could actually understand.

We did the project long-distance, and I wanted to be very involved in the design process, so Maya showed me how to screen-share using my Skype and Gmail accounts. I was able to see what she was doing in real-time and we went through everything together. It was great! She listened to my needs and ideas and turned my vision into a beautiful website. My website is easy to use, simplistic and has a classy feel to it, just like I wanted. She got my site up and running really fast. Her prices were completely reasonable because she was so efficient. I really can't sing her praises enough, very satisfied customer, highly recommend her!"

- Anna Daberkian, esthetician